"Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough." - George Bernard Shaw


I have been writing since I was eight, under the pseudonym Mahel di Menuna. Until now, I have tried my hand at fantasy or Sci-fi novels, short stories about everyday-life, theater plays and some movie scripts. Most of those writings are in French – because it is my mother tongue – yet some are in English. Here they are put in reverse chronological order.

noir-neigeCover: Mahel di Menuna French

Noir Neige (Black as Snow):

They call him a useful tool. Sam thinks of himself as a spider. Pitched on his web, he can watch each and every soul. He can feel each and every thought. He can end each and every heartbeat. They just give him an order, and people die. Simple enough. And yet, he doesn’t feel right. So when he discovers Nina, lost in a snowy forest and a lonely life, things change suddenly. And the spider finds out she wasn’t the most dangerous thing in Sam’s head.

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alea-jacta-non-estCover: calirezo French

Alea Jacta (Non) Est:

“Je retournai une dernière fois les dés entre mes doigts puis les rangeai au fond de ma poche. Ce serait bientôt le témoignage d’un mauvais rêve.”

When he first arrives to take over an orthophonist job in the city, he doesn’t realize what he is gonna get through. She has. For one year, she has been on the edge, ready to become as mad as everyone here. How to clench to logic when every man lives by the rule of “total chance”? It is so simple to just let chance decide of everything.

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