Mina PĂȘcheux


3d painting showcases

Blender (Cycles)

These images are the result of a collaboration with Cali Rezo. We wanted to find an original way of exhibiting her paintings and decided to use photorealistic CG rendering to be able to design and model fictitious places to showcase her work.

a virtual gallery

Blender (Cycles), Da Vinci Resolve

As part of my collaboration with the abstract painter Cali Rezo, I had the chance to work on a couple of virtual exhibits in fully CGI galleries. We made both a virtual Parisian gallery where we designed, modelled, lit and brought to life a showcase of her paintings in a tailor-made environment, and a smaller location specifically meant to display her "Nid/Nest" series of 7 paintings!

isometric rooms

Blender (EEVEE)

To work on my modelling, compositing, lighting and animation skills, I decided to work on some 3d-isometric interior design. In this project, I create short animations of basic rooms building gradually: first the floor, then the walls, then the furniture... I also work on textures and lighting to get somewhat believable scenes.


Blender (EEVEE)

"Voxelish" is a series of voxel art-inspired renders. It's not real voxel art but rather a mix between these cube-based worlds and some classical low-poly modelling.


Blender (EEVEE)

Here are various models of spaceships. They are all low-poly (< 25k faces) game-ready objects to fit in all your futuristic projects!


Blender (Cycles)

While tinkering with 3D rendering and Blender, I occasionally made some very short basic GIF videos, in particular those three inspired by the 2019-Nodevember challenge: "Moon", "Asteroid" and "Crystal".

low-poly models


After discovering Imphenzia's contents, I just fell in love with low-poly 3D modelling and decided to try it! I find it very relaxing and quite interesting to find the proper way to abstract and simplify objects...

See the timelapses on YouTube