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how to make a rts in unity/c#?

Unity, C#

Want to learn how to make a RTS game in Unity/C#? In this series, I explain how to implement the various systems that make up a real-time strategy game in the well-known game engine Unity! Throughout these 50+ episodes, you will explore C# scripting for games, Canvas-based UI building, event systems, sound optimisation and more 🙂

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    Contains bonus episodes, 3D models and 2D UI assets to create your own RTS prototype!
  • Check out the code (for free): on Github

unity/c# tutorials

Unity, C#

If you'd like to learn more about the famous Unity game engine, check out the various tutorials I made on how to implement scoped features like a simple player manager based on finite state machines, an AI with behaviour trees, a patrolling system... All these tutorials are available both as text and video, and the projects are available for free on Github :

web mini-games

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

To improve my webdev skills and play around with some basic gameplay ideas, I made a few mini-games:
  • Pebbles is a small puzzle game: the goal is to try and put as many pieces in the grid as possible before you're stuck. Every time you fill a row or a column, it disappears! It is a 2D puzzle game for desktop (no mobile version yet, sadly). This game is inspired by a little online free game I stumbled across a while ago: Tentrix.
  • Hyperspeed is a 3D infinite runner game where you control a little spaceship. Your goal is to collect as many bonuses as possible while avoiding the obstacles! How long can you last?
  • What The Cut? is a little game inspired by Voronoi diagrams where the goal is to gradually split a board in colored cells while making sure that no adjacent cells have the same color. It is therefore another 2D puzzle game for desktop.

how to make a 3D web runner game?

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

To learn more about the Hyperspeed game and discover how I made it, here are some tutorials in video and text format on how to create a 3D game in the browser using the Three.js library 🙂